Deep Tissue Sculpting Blend

“To penetrate the hardest armor, use the softest touch. Yielding melts resistance, density is filled with light. Good work accomplished without effort. In silence the teachings are heard. In stillness the world is transformed”

 Haven Treviño ~ the Tao of Healing

A type of bodywork (deep tissue massage) characterised by firm, constant compression and strokes applied parallel to the muscle fibres. This penetrating form of therapeutic touch was developed in the 1970s by Carole Osborne-Sheets, who borrowed from Gestalt therapy, primal re-education, chua ka, Swedish and Esalen massage, Rolfing and Tragerwork. 

The technique is performed by slowly placing pressure on a muscle followed by a slow release. As a somatically sensitive bodyworker, I do not force my way into the muscle. If there is hard armoring other techniques will be applied. 

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