Massage is Transformational

Body, mind, soul and spirit is our holistic connection – this is why we need holistic bodywork. Massage should be an experience of your whole being in a caring, sensitive, and healing environment. This has the potential to significantly enhance your health and well being. I offer the following services to support your wholeness and help facilitate your healing journey.

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Emotion Balancing Massage

Holding a safe space of compassion, loving kindness, joy and equanimity while using aroma therapy, herbal infused hot towels, healing energy work, and light to medium massage techniques to facilitate deep healing in body, mind and spirit. Support for stress and grief.

60 minute: $85
90 minute: $120

Holistic Healing Blend

Swedish full body massage with other beneficial techniques applied to facilitate whole being healing for individual needs. Essential oil of Chamomile infused in Jojoba oil to aid in relaxation and muscle release. Some deep tissue when applicable.

60 minute: $85
90 minute: $120

Deep Tissue Sculpting Blend

A therapeutic blend that focuses on areas of muscle tension in the body. Hot towels, hot stones, cupping, and essential oil infused massage oils will be used in addition to deep tissue techniques. Sixty minute DTS massage is area specific, not usually full body.

60 minute: $95
90 minute: $130

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy

BCST is a healing art that works with the energies that create and maintain health in the human system. While not a manipulative therapy, it has its roots in osteopathy. BCST supports nervous system regulation and allows the resolution of conditions resulting from stress and trauma. Practitioners use an educated, gentle, non-invasive touch to engage with the expressions of health in the system.

60 minute: $95

Traditional Thai Massage

Also called Nuad Borarn. This is a herapeutic deep tissue massage. It can be performed in a park setting as it is done fully clothed on a mat. 

60 minute: $120 – in office or park setting

Traditional Thai Massage Holistic Blend

You can also book me at my office for a combination of Thai massage and Therapeutic. The first 45 minutes of Thai which includes stretching, deep tissue compressions, clearing energy lines, and some traction techniques. Then I will leave the room as you get on the table for a 45 minute holistic completion of Swedish and/or deep tissue with essential oil infused massage oil to round off the the time with a transformational experience.

What we tend to miss in the industry as we lean toward a more medical focused massage, is the therapeutic value of deep relaxation. This massage blend offers both.

90 minute: $150 – in office only

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